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Recent opinion by CCLers

Koontz, F., Treves, A. “Conserving — not killing — wildlife should drive Wisconsin’s natural resources strategy: The Department of Natural Resources needs to shift its priorities” Isthmus, Opinion June 2022.

Substantial coverage by reporters

A Fight Over Wolves Pits Facts Against Feelings in Wisconsin. The state’s wolf population is determined by political volleying, with each side of the debate seeking easy answers.. Undark article by Leah Campbell

Study: Second wolf hunt would have driven Wisconsin's wolf population to 'undesirably low levels' UW-Madison researchers say second hunt risked wolves possibly becoming endangered or extinct in Wisconsin. WPR by Danielle Keading

Media for 2022 (so far). Also see video and audio page at left.


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Media archive for 2020

WORT: 30 minutes with Adrian Treves and Stan Gehrt. The radio show related to wildlife sightings during the pandemic.


Media archive for 2019

Coyote-killing contests: why the science, ethics, and the law oppose these contest, with some comments on wolf delisting in the Western Great Lakes. Listen to a one hour radio show on WORT's "A Public Affair" with Adrian Treves, 14 January 2019 Listen here. also on SoundCloud: Facebook: Twitter:

Also check out the compressed file below for media coverage of our work on non-lethal methods to protect domestic animals from pumas in Chile!

Media archive for 2019


"Best Available Predator Science and the Law", a webinar by Adrian Treves, 18 December 2018. This webinar describes the relationship between science and law with a case study revising the history of Wisconsin's wolf population models and how that might influence policy today. See the one hour webinar here.

Also check out the compressed file below for media coverage of our work on Just Preservation and our collaborations with the youth plaintiffs suing the U.S. federal government over climate change policy (atmospheric trust litigation).!

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