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Our lab group is a mix of Masters and PhD students in Environment and Resources (E&R). If you interested in studying with us or learning more about our work, check out these students and alum!

NOTE: I am currently on sabbatical in Switzerland through 2017 as a Research Fellow with the Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow, and Landscape Research.

Therefore, I am not accepting new graduate advisees through 2018.

grad alumni

Graduate Student Alumni

Hannah Larson, MS-Envir & Res, 2017
Paul Senner, MS-Envir & Res, 2017
Francis Eanes, PhD-E&R, 2016
Jessica Price, PhD-E&R, 2016
Benjamin Sullender, MS-CBSD, 2015
Katy Thostenson, MS-CBSD, 2015
Amanda Swearingen, MS-CBSD, 2015
Max Axler, MS-CBSD, 2014
Karen Bednar, MS-WRM, 2014
Ming (Doris) Hua, MS-CBSD, 2014
Teresa Joy Olson Arrate, MS-CBSD, 2014
Sarah Wilkins, MS - CBSD, 2013
Nathan Schulfer, MS - CBSD, 2012
Kristi Nixon, MS - CBSD, 2012
Robbie Greene - MSLA, 2012
Stacy Taeuber - MS - CBSD, 2011
Kimberly Ness Sundeen, MS - CBSD, 2011
Vincent Smith, PhD - Envir & Res, 2011 Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies and Sociology at Southern Oregon University
Anocha Karnprasertkit, MSLA, 2010
Jessica Price, MS - CBSD, 2010
Annette Drewes, PhD, Envir & Res, 2008
Erin Heidtke-LaFaive, CBSD, 2008 Horticultural Educator, UW Extension
Jerry Butler, MSLA, 2008 Professor of Art, Central Connecticut State University
Tzu-fen Li, MSLA, 2007
Yoji Natori, PhD, Envir & Res, 2006
Matthew Thomas, PhD, Envir & Res, 2004
Colleen Ortwine-Boes, MSLA, 2003

Janet Silbernagel Professor,
Department of Planning and Landscape Architecture, and,
Professional Programs Director, Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies University of Wisconsin-Madison

Expertise: landscape ecology, geospatial analysis, scenario modeling, conservation strategies and design

Janet Silbernagel and grads at IALE2015 in Portland, OR

Current Graduate Students

Vera Pfeiffer, PhD-Envir & Res
Sulong Zhou, PhD-Envir & Res

Visiting Scholars

Li Yankuo, Jiangxi Normal University, 2017
Liu Likun, PhD Wuhan University, 2016-17
Kong Linghong, Global Environmental Institute, Beijing, 2016-17

Janet Silbernagel standing on a pier in front of a boat