Kong Linghong

Visiting Scholar from Global Environmental Institute, Beijing.

I am a Program Officer Global Environmental Institute in Beijing where I manage China's overseas investment policy package. I am also Head Manager of GEI projects in Laos, and I work on Grassland Conservation Concession Agreements (CCA), among other responsibilities. As a Visiting Scholar in Nelson Institute for Environmental studies, UW-Madison, I do a research on community economic development in and near National Parks, for instance, tourism, non-timber forest products, etc.

Linghong at Lake

Past degrees Master Degree of Agriculture, in Beijing Forestry University (Sep. 2004-Jul. 2007)
Research work about forest resource management, protection of Application of geographic information system and remote sensing in forestry. 
Bachelor of Agriculture, College of forestry, Inner Mongolia Agriculture University (Sep. 2000-Jul. 2004)