Liu Likun

Visiting PhD student from Wuhan University

I am a PhD student majoring in Landscape Architecture at Wuhan University, China. And now I am hosting in the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies, sponsored by China Scholarship Council. My research plan at UW-Madison is “Study on strategies of rural landscape conservation at the ecosystem scale: a landscape ecology perspective”, focusing on rural landscape conservation through perspectives of landscape architecture and landscape ecology. In one study, I am doing research on planning and design of national parks in the US. Another study focuses on Aldo Leopold’s “land ethics”. I am also a registered urban planner in China. I finished my bachelor and postgraduate degree program of Urban Planning at Wuhan University, and then I worked for 6 years as urban planner and researcher, civil servant or project manager in the field of urban planning, mainly on urban design and landscape planning. In recent years, my primary interests are in rural landscape conservation and ecotourism. I enjoy swimming, hiking and travelling in my free time. ”.

Likun at Devil's Lake

Past degreesM.S. Urban Planning, Wuhan University, China, 2007
B.S. Urban Planning, Wuhan University, China, 2005

Degree in Progress PhD - Landscape Architecture, Wuhan University, China

Likun at Lake Wingra