See the video-recording of the conference entitled Wolf and Wildlife Coexistence and Conservation Initiative, held 15–16 July 2015 in Baraboo, WI. Thanks to the Ho Chunk Nation, Friends of the Wisconsin Wolf, and the Midwest Environmental Stewards for co-organizing.

Photography by Jenny E. Ross

Jenny E. Ross has graciously let us use some of her photographs, and they may be seen throughout this website. Her photos are indicated with her name and are copyrighted works. For information about Jenny and her work, see her official website.

Of Wolves and Humans

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Photo courtesy of Taiga Photo

Photo © TAIGA Photo (left); DNR pilots funded by the Wisconsin taxpayers (right).

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U.S. governments are accountable for the broad public interest in preserving wildlife, as trust assets for legal uses by current and future generations.

Also visit the UW-Madison Living with Wolves website.


Adrian Treves serves on the Scientific Advisory Boards for Project Coyote and the Northeast Wolf Coalition.

Project Coyote

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Project Coyote promotes educated coexistence between people and coyotes; we do this by championing progressive management policies that reduce human-coyote conflict, supporting innovative scientific research, and by fostering respect for and understanding of America's native wild "song dog."

Visit the Project Coyote website and download a free copy of "Coyotes in Our Midst" by Camilla Fox and Christopher Papouchis

As part of the Carnivore Coexistence Lab's work on large carnivores, we also examine ecological interactions with coyotes and human-coyote interactions. As part of that work, we collaborated with Sam Young and Kate Malpeli on Coyote Ecology and Conflicts with Humans across the Urban- Wildland Gradient: Identifying the Potential Impacts of Changing Land Use."

Northeast Wolf Coalition

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Vision Statement

The Coalition envisions ecologically effective wolf populations in healthy, diverse ecosystems managed as a public trust across North America.

Other science-based organizations devoted to carnivore conservation worldwide

Wolf Conservation Center

Carnivore Science

Iberian Wolf Research Team

Germany - Nature And Biodiversity Conservation Union (NABU)

Center for Biological Diversity

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