Affiliate Publications

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Arlyne Johnson, Ph.D.

2018. Eshoo, P., A. Johnson, S. Duangdala, and T. Hansel. Design, monitoring and evaluation of a direct payments approach for an ecotourism strategy to reduce illegal hunting and trade of wildlife in Lao PDR PLoS One


2016. Arlyne Johnson, John Goodrich, Troy Hansel, Akchousahn Rasphone, Santi Saypanya, Chanthavy Vongkhamheng, Venevongphet, Samantha Strindberg.To protect or neglect? Design, monitoring, and evaluation of a law enforcement strategy to recover small populations of wild tigers and their prey. Biological Conservation 202: 99-109.


2014 Coudrat, C. N. Z., C. Nathavong, S. Sayavong, A. Johnson, J. Johnston, and W. G. Robichaud 2014.Non-Panthera cats in Nakai-Nam Theun National Protected Area, Lao PDR. IUCN/SSC Cat News 8:45-52.

2012 Johnson, A., C. Vongkhamheng, S. Saypanya, T. Hansel, and S. Strindberg. Using systematic monitoring to evaluate and adapt the management of a tiger reserve in northern Lao PDR. WCS Working Paper No. 42, August 2012. Wildlife Conservation Society, Bronx.

2012 Kamler, J. F., A. Johnson, C. Vongkhamheng, and A. Bousa. The diet, prey selection, and activity of dholes (Cuon alpinus) in northern Laos. Journal of Mammology 93:627-633.

2010 Walston, J., J. G. Robinson, E. L. Bennett, U. Breitenmoser, G. A. B. da Fonseca, J. Goodrich, M. Gumal, L. Hunter, A. Johnson, K. U. Karanth, N. Leader-Williams, K. McKinnon, D. Miquelle, A. Pattanavibool, C. Poole, A. Rabinowitz, J. L. D. Smith, E. J. Stokes, S. N. Stuart, C. Vongkhamheng, and H. Wibisono. Bringing the tiger back from the brink – the six percent solution. PLoS Biology 8(9). E100004852013

2009 Johnson, A., Vongkhamheng, C. & Saithongdam, T. The diversity, status and conservation of small carnivores in a montane tropical forest in northern Lao PDR. Oryx 43(4): 626-633.

2006 Johnson, A., Vongkhamheng, C., Venevongphet, Hedemark, M. and Saithongdam, T. Status of tiger, prey and human-tiger conflict in the Nam Et-Phou Louey National Protected Area, Lao PDR.. Pages 10-15 in J. McNeely, ed. Conservation Biology in Asia: Current Status and Future Perspectives. IUCN, Kathmandu, Nepal.

2006 Johnson, A., Vongkhamheng, C., Hedemark, M. and Saithongdam, T. Effects of human-carnivore conflict on tiger (Panthera tigris) and prey populations in Lao PDR.. Animal Conservation 9: 421-430.