Sabrina Bradshaw

Sabrina Bradshaw is the Education and Outreach Coordinator for the UW-Madison Office of Sustainability, a Researcher and Undergraduate Program Coordinator for UW-Madison Geological Engineering, and a graduate student in the Nelson Institute pursuing a Doctorate degree in Environment & Resources. The focus of her research is the development and assessment of sustainability learning outcomes in higher education.

Sabrina is a purebred Badger completing her undergraduate degree at UW-Madison where she majored in Geology and Geophysics and received a Certificate in Environmental Studies. She holds a Masters degree in Geological Engineering also from UW-Madison.  Her Master's research focused on assessing the chemical compatibility of bentonite clay in geosynthetic clay liners used as barriers in municipal solid waste landfills.


Office: Engineering Hall, room 2228

Email: sbradshaw@wisc.edu

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