Lab manual cover

2014 Laboratory Investigations
Manual for ES/ILS 126

Cathy Middlecamp
with contributions from Travis Blomberg, Kata Dosa, Tom Bryan, Tim Lindstrom
Paperback $30.00 (estimated)
Required and available for purchase outside our lecture hall

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How Bad Are Bananas?
The Carbon Footprint of Everything

Mike Berners-Lee
Greystone Books
Paperback $16.95
Kindle edition available

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Just Food

How Locovores Are Endangering the Future of Food and How We Can Eat Truly Responsibly
James E. McWilliams
Back Bay Books
Paperback $15
Kindle edition available


Book cover

Chemistry in Context, 8th edition

Chapter 1 - The Air We Breathe
Chapter 9 - The World of Polymers and Plastics
Two chapters only. NOT REQUIRED
American Chemical Society, 2014

Available electronically from publisher for $14.98 (includes both)
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Book cover

Sustainable Energy without the hot air

David JC MacKay
Free on-line
Paperback $33, available at Amazon
Kindle edition also available

Book cover

The Conundrum

How Scientific Innovation, Increased Efficiency, and Good Intentions Can Make Our Energy and Climate Problems Worse
David Owen
Riverhead Books
Paperback $14
Kindle edition available


Item # 9780716779391
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