My research focuses on the climate sensitivity and global carbon cycle with the approach of transient and exoplanet climate simulations

I conducted the first simulation of transient climate evolution of the last 21,000 years with CCSM3

Recently I collaborate with Steve Vavrus, John Kutzbach and Bill Ruddiman on Ruddiman’s Early Anthropogenic Hypothesis, focusing on the role of early agriculture on pre-industrial climate changes

I am also interested in the dynamics of Atlantic meridional overturning circulation and its role on the decadal to millennial  variability in the Atlantic Ocean

  1. Ph.D dissertation (2011): Simulating transient climate evolution of the last deglaciation with CCSM3 (pdf) (data)

  1. The objective of this simulation is threefold:

  2. Firstly, it provides the synchronously coupled transient ocean-atmosphere-dynamic vegetation simulation of the last 21,000 years since the last glacial maximum (LGM)

  3. Secondly, it assesses the sensitivity of the climate system to the change of greenhouse gases

  4. Lastly, it investigates how the climate system exhibits abrupt changes on decadal-centennial time scales (H1, BA, YD, etc)

  5. Research highlights: UW-Madison, ORNL, Science and more